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Impolite Company's Wind-Down Friday

Jun 29, 2018

The final prime-time episode of The Wind-Down features comedian and all-around renaissance man Ron Finger. Yale offers thank you’d and farewells and gets a special gift from Ron. 

Jun 21, 2018

Yale riffs on illness, bears, soccer, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan and chicken Alfredo. 

Hillary Anger joins in to talk about professorial tenure, comedy, motherhood and Thai food.

Ella Fritts joins in to talk about whatever she wants. 

Jun 14, 2018

Comic, improviser, podcaster extraordinaire Tina Dybal joins Yale in the studio to talk about her history in standup, her American experience, her dad and what it’s like to collaborate with a peer on a new podcast. Yale offers up a tribute to Anthony Bourdain and shares some thoughts on being a good and...

Jun 7, 2018

Comedian, showrunner, sketch actor, mom and PASTOR Meredith Hopping is our guest this week, covering topics like the work/life/parenthood/comedy balance, the ups and downs of comedy, building a merchandising empire, pooping, among other topics. Yale struggles to adequately euphemise the term "eating ass" in a radio-safe...

Jun 7, 2018

Comedian and soon-to-be-podcaster Angela Smith joins Yale in the studio for a chat about comedy, animals and lady stuff, among other topics. A major announcement about the show is also revealed.